Summary Course
Greek Gaming Academy, the first Esports educational institution in Greece and one of the first in Europe, recognizes the enormous role of gaming in today and the greater influence it will have in many future activities. Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to new things, it has gradually evolved into the favorite hobby of many by training and teaching. With the esports management seminar, the attendee learns to identify their areas of action and development in the field as well as the field they wish to evolve.
No special training is required  to attend the course

Target Group
It is aimed at educators to know how to properly manage and direct students who have a hobby of esports. To teach them how to become a professional in the field of esports.
Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, adult), teacher trainers, careers officers, educational counselors and any other professional interested in education and learning.
Esports and gaming are gaining interest. As in classical sports and electronics, the professional gamer, completing his career and leaving behind a career of years, usually stays in his physical realm in a new capacity. Except for Gamers or Coaches, we meet entrepreneurs who create the first Professional Groups, Event Planners, Scouts, Managers, PR managers.
Also, esports equipment companies, sports marketing & advertising companies, Internet Cafe , Teams and long-time Sports Clubs and Sports Federations.
However, those of the Finance, Marketing, Journalism, Graphic Arts, and Business Administration  fields also show interest. In general, as the market evolves, it appeals to anyone interested in developing their resume and creating alternatives to their career path.

•Building and managing a team
•Financing a team
•Resume enhancement

Topics in groups
1) Intro to Course
Personal Introductions
Student Introductions
Definitions of esports/esports organizations.
Explain the lesson format - simulation of owning an esport org.

2) Team Branding
Name and logo - Discussion and analysis of several esports organisation names and logos.
Selection of Official Name & Logo.

3) Financing and Budget Management
Salaries and Financing
Venture Funding
Go Big or Go Home

4) Revenue Models
Content Creation

5) Esports Games
Student’s trivia : What games to play?
Focus Game
Importance of knowledge in a game’s field

6) Professional Players
Types of Pros (Competitors / Streamers / Creators) 
Power & Value of Social Media
Choosing Pros
Competitors vs. Streamers

7) Public Relations
Community Management
Pro Management
Publisher Management!

8) Growth and Expansion
Narrow Championship vs. Broad Reach
Growth Roadmap: What Game Next?
Project Prep

9)  Investment Pitch
Pitch for Financing
Financed Teams Selected (50% Of Class)

10) Behind The Scenes: Team Genji
Team Creation 
Key Challenges
How We Managed DISASTERs

11)  Final Investment Pitch
Securing Funds
Picking Winners

•The lessons are in groups of 8 people. They include theory and exercises.
•Upon completion of the seminar the trainee acquires knowledge useful for their  absorption into the labor market.

Course Fees
350 euros for a 5-day course or 490 euros for a 7-day course : includes registration and course fees, course materials, administration and organizational fees, Athens center guided tour, Certificate of Attendance.

2020: 04-08 May